Disabling X-Window in Solaris

It is always good idea not to use the X windows system on dedicated Solaris servers. GUI consumes more resources (such as CPU, Memory). However, Solaris by default installs CDE or Gnome desktop.

Solaris do not use startx command. It comes with dtlogin script located in /etc/init.d directory. It is a display manager for the X Window System.

Stopping dtlogin

               #/etc/init.d/dtlogin stop

Starting dtlogin

If your Solaris system boot to a shell prompt, you can start X/dtlogin with following command:

              #/etc/init.d/dtlogin start

Permanently disable dtlogin

If you wish to disable dtlogin, use dtconfig command. It is a desktop configuration utility for Solaris. This command is located at /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig. Login as a root user before using dtconfig command.
To disabled dtlogin type command:

              # /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d

To enable dtlogin type command:

              # /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -e

To kill dtlogin type command:

              # /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -kill

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