Installing package in solaris

To install a .pkg package

# pkgadd -d BOLTpget.pkg
To install a package from a SUN CD/DVD (like SUNWi5cs)
#pkgadd -d ./ SUNWi5cs
To install using pkg-get tool


This tool simplifies fetching the latest version of a package from compatible sites to be as simple as

This will automatically download the appropriate version for your architecture and OS revision (if available), and install the package. If you have an older version already installed, using ‘upgrade’ instead of ‘install’ will replace the older version with a newer one, if available.

The pkg-get utility is configurable, so that if you sent up a local copy of the package archives, you can use THAT server instead of going out to the internet.

Get the architecture-neutral (works for sparc and x86) package by downloading and then installing as follows

                         # pkgadd -d BOLTpget.pkg

and run ‘pkg-get -U’ to initialize the local catalog of available packages. Then you’re all set to go!

Required packages

  pkg_get-3.7.2-all-CSW.pkg BOLTpget.pkg wget.pkg libssl/open-ssl.pkg


If you need to use a proxy to reach the outside, you will need to

  1. Install 'wget' yourself
  2. Adjust the pkg-get config file


Then edit /etc/pkg-get.conf with your favourite editor and follow the directions in it to tell wget to go thorugh the ftp proxy or http proxy.

Installing Syntax

To install:

     pkg-get install gcc

To remove:

     pkg-get remove gcc

Checking available software

     pkg-get compare

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