Solaris Zone

This describes how to setup & configure solaris zones (This entry is under progress!)

Commands to Create a Zone

#zonecfg -z NameOfTheZone

zonecfg:NameOfTheZone> create -b
zonecfg:NameOfTheZone> set zonename=NameOfTheZone
zonecfg:NameOfTheZone> set zonepath=PathToStoreTheFiles(e.g. /NameOfTheZone)
zonecfg:NameOfTheZone> set autoboot=true
zonecfg:NameOfTheZone> add net> add net> set address=192.168.X.X> set physical=rtls0> end

zonecfg:NameOfTheZone> commit
zonecfg:NameOfTheZone> exit

Installing the zone

#zoneadm -z NameOfTheZone install

Other Zone related commands

To view list of zone and there status can use the following command:

#zoneadm list -cv

Login to a zone without using ‘ssh’ command:

#zlogin -C NameOfTheZone

Starting the zone:

#zoneadm -z zonename boot

Uninstalling a zone:

#zoneadm -z zonename uninstall

Deleting a zone:

#zonecfg -z zonename delete -F

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