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svn+ssl on solaris

April 8, 2009

1. ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/subversion –with-ssl –with-apr=/usr/local/apache2/bin –with-apr-util=/usr/local/apache2/bin –with-apxs=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs –with-neon=/opt/neon

2. make change to Makefile

[ for sparc solaris only before that install libgettex and export gettext lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH]

add -lgettextlib -lintl to following two lines



Before compiling subversion please make sure neon was compiled with proper options

./configure –prefix=/usr/local/neon –with-ssl –enable-shared –with-libs=/usr/sfw/lib (on Solaris box only)

Now to access through http we need to add the following to apache config file-

<Location /svn/>
DAV svn
SVNParentPath /svn/
SVNListParentPath on
#SVNIndexXSLT “/.svnindex.xsl”

# our access control policy
#AuthzSVNAccessFile /svn/.svnaccess

# try anonymous access first, resort to real
# authentication if necessary.
#Satisfy Any
SVNPathAuthz off

# how to authenticate a user
AuthType Basic
AuthName “Therap Subversion repository”
AuthUserFile /svn/.svnauthfile
Require valid-user
CustomLog logs/svn_logfile “%t %u %{SVN-ACTION}e” env=SVN-ACTION

Creating authentication to access svn repo

htpasswd -c /svn/.svnauthfile <user>


Place the unzipped files of websvn source to your apache doc root. and Fisrt copy the distconfig.php as and uncomment the following two lines on


Now copy as config.php and then open up “http://yourhostname/<websvn>&#8221;

Sometimes you may get an error like this –

Error running this command: svn –config-dir /tmp –version

It looks like websvn can’t find svn.
In webvsn/include/config.php there are directives for specifying the path for diff, tar, gzip etc. but not for svn.

There is such a config setting in the config.php.
It is the following function:
$config->setSVNC‚Äč ommandPath(‘Path‚Äč/to/svn’);

Use this setting to configure if your commands (e.g. svn) aren’t on your path.