Nagios – SNMP Trap integration

We need to check the followings first:

1. A host that has nagios installed and configured. Get Nagios.
2. Forward SNMP traps from the device you want to monitor to the nagios host and make sure that the traps reach the nagios host. By default it should be UDP traffic on port 162. On a windows machine it should be under Services. Look for snmp service and configure it.
3. The MIBs of the device you want to monitor. Ask the manufacturer or look for that online. Sometimes you might be able to find them publicly available.
4. Install snmptrapd which is part of the open source package net-snmp. snmptrapd is a daemon that listens for SNMP messages and can trigger different events based on each message.

Configure snmptrapd

create a new file called snmptrapd.conf and add the following lines:

authCommunity log,execute,net public
traphandle default /opt/snmptrap/sbin/snmptt –ini=/opt/snmptrap/etc/snmptt.ini

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