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Solaris as tftp (linux) boot server

December 29, 2009


You should have the 3 basic DHCP packages installed;

pkginfo | grep DHCP

system SUNWdhcsb Binary File Format Data Module for BOOTP/DHCP Services
system SUNWdhcsr BOOTP/DHCP Server Services, (Root)
system SUNWdhcsu BOOTP/DHCP Server Services, (Usr)


Create basic DHCP configuration and dhcptab files
Create a macro for the local network
Create the local network table
Add some entries to the network table
Start the DHCP server

Basic DHCP Configuration

Use dhcpconfig to setup dhcpsvc.conf and dhcptab, here we simply define the type of datastore (SUNWfiles = text files) and the location of datafiles;

# dhcpconfig -D -r SUNWfiles -p /var/dhcp [config will saved as a plain text file]

# dhcpconfig -D -r SUNWbinfiles -p /var/dhcp [config will saved as a binary file]

Create a macro for the local network and boot image

Here we create a macro for our local network ( the one we will serve IP addresses for) in dhcptab

# dhtadm -A -m -d ‘:Broadcst=’

# dhtadm -A -m PXEClient:Arch:00000:UNDI:002001 -d ‘:BootFile=”pxelinux.0″:BootSrvA=’

Create the local network table

# pntadm -C

Add some entries to the network table

Here we define three local IP address that will be leased out by the dhcp server…

# pntadm -A
# pntadm -A
# pntadm -A

Start the DHCP server

Use the standard init.d boot script and watch /var/adm/messages for problems;

# svcadm refresh dhcp-server

If you have problems stop the daemon and run it manually with the debug & verbose options;

# /usr/lib/inet/in.dhcpd -dv

3fe143d6: Daemon Version: 3.5 3fe143d6: Maximum relay hops: 4 3fe143d6: Run mode is: DHCP Server Mode. 3fe143d6: Datastore resource: SUNWfiles