DHCPD.conf for TFTP image

The minimal configuration for a dhcp server to point to the tftp boot image –

# The ddns-updates-style parameter controls whether or not the server will  attempt to do a DNS #update when a lease is confirmed. We default to the behavior of the version 2 packages (‘none’, since #DHCP v2 didn’t have support for DDNS.)

ddns-update-style none;
ignore client-updates;
default-lease-time 21600;
max-lease-time 43200;

subnet netmask


option domain-name-servers; # IP of DNS server
option domain-name “example.com”;
option routers; # Ip of gateway box

filename “pxelinux.0”; # Name of the file the boot ROMs should download.
next-server; #Name of the server they should get it ( pxelinux.0) from.



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